Our Conditions

General Conditions

All of our kittens are given with a contract, international passport and with pedigree.


The kittens will be vaccinated two times polyvalent and one time for rabies, treated for internal/external parasites and they will be microchipped.


The kittens will leave our home after they are 3,5 months old. We guarantee that the kitten is in excellent health at the time of leaving home.


All the kittens that are given for pet life will be neutered before they will leave our home. NO EXCEPTION!


We do not work with Pet Shops and we also don’t recommend buying a kitten from them!!!

We do not promote our kittens on sites for occasional selling and buying and we don't recommend to buy a kitten from this kind of sites!

Breeding Conditions

We sell our kittens with breeding rights just for registrated catteries.


We don’t take any reservation deposit untill the age of 10 weeks.


If medical cases occur we refund the deposit.


We only give for breeding kittens that we consider exceptional and that, at the time of evaluation, fulfill all our expectations, but we can not guarantee their development.

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